V.Mora has been pivotal in the success of my clothing line. As a first-time business owner and first-time clothing designer, I lacked the knowledge and a connection required in this industry to make sure the process goes smoothly. From sourcing fabric and picking an appropriate manufacturer to learning how to sell to retailers and initiating social media, V.Mora was there to make sure I had the tools needed to make the right decision. Granted, I could have haphazardly navigated the launching process on my own, but it would have taken me twice the amount of time and with more expensive mistakes. I’d highly recommend hiring V.Mora for any first-time designers.

Kim Durante,
Owner Durante Design, LLC

VMora is like a finely tuned engine that handles every turn and obstacle with strength, confidence, heart and commitment. I knew my product would be a challenge since it required attention to both fashion design as well as to therapeutic, healthcare, and ergonomic considerations. The team at VMora blew me away with their knowledge, constant support, guidance and willingness and love of being innovative. They know exactly what it takes to get a product from concept through production and keep you on the right path so that you will achieve your goal. And they did it all without tripping into the many pitfalls out there! There’s no exact formula you need to follow so they will customize to your needs, all the while making sure you are thinking about all of the aspects of bringing a product to market, offering referrals or direct support depending on your preference. All of this is done with honesty, integrity, and with a true love for what they are doing. My time spent working with this V.Mora has been the best decision I could have made. I’m moving forward with the backing of industry knowledge and solid experience at my side. AND I’m having a great time to boot! Couldn’t ask for more!

Sophia P.
Founder Therachic

The engine that runs V. Mora is a group of administrators, technicians, and designers that have a passion for their work. They have the kind of energy and spirit that makes working with them a pleasure and highly productive. They are savvy, connected and enthusiastic. V. Mora is exactly the kind of company that Arbetman and Assoc. wants to work with.

Jay Arbetman,
Founder The Fabric Source

Before I started working with V. Mora, I spent three months intensely researching all the pattern makers in the Chicago area. Once I connected with Anna Livermore, I knew I had found the perfect production partner I was looking for. I really enjoy working with V. Mora because of their professionalism and timeliness. I’m always looking forward to my consultation sessions with Anna and her team because the entire team has a very keen insight on issues related to apparel production. I am certainly looking forward to continuing to work with V.Mora in the foreseeable future.

Maryam Garba

“Before going to V. Mora, we were constantly disappointed with the results that we were getting regarding the manufacturing of Hang Rite Athletics underwear. Anna and her staff are very professional and got us going in the right direction. I know I will be using V.Mora again to develop more product lines.“

Christina Bergbower and Laarni Yogore,
Founders Hang Rite Athletics

I’ve referred many designers to V.Mora and everyone has been extremely happy. Not only is the service great, but it’s also wonderful to work with them.“ Diana Muzzy, Fabric Rep Fine Fabric Sales “After deciding to launch a brand of men’s ties, we had run up against the brick wall of finding manufacturing and sourcing information. After spending a frustrating year trying to find the information on our own, we finally found V.Mora. From the patterns to the fabric sourcing, to the manufacturing, Anna and V Mora did it all – and this was no small task. V.Mora was prompt, driven, beyond reasonable, and fun to work with. Highest recommendations.

Forrest Jehlik,
Founder and Designer Libertate

V. Mora captured my upbeat pop tunes with colorful textures and edgy shapes. These garments are made with precision and are high in quality. It has been a pleasure watching V. Mora’s growth over the years. I am confident performing in my I AM JANA line. I look forward to solidifying my brand image as a recording artist with V. Mora.

Jana G,
Musician and Designer

I suppose some enter the doors of V. Mora knowing a little or even a lot about the industry and simply need added expertise or services to carry on their launch or design development. That wasn’t me. I walked into a workspace that looked nothing like I’d ever seen, but everything like it was supposed to. I walked in with an idea to cross-market my art with fashion and create something for a market that was lesser tapped and a bit of a challenge for a number of reasons. It was a great experience from the beginning. Anna is an awesome coach and her staff all pitch in to offer the most that they can. They search for information or networking on the spot to make it happen. I refer to Anna as my industry coach, my go-to, and she has truly been a huge value through the entire process. She has been incredibly patient and consistently adding knowledge that I never imagined I would have needed. I am appreciative that Anna and her staff have fostered a tremendous learning experience for me, and now I know I have the tools to create the end product to be successful! This has been an exciting process and I look forward to continuing to work with V. Mora during my current project and future projects.I wish them continued success and growth in this very ingenious platform, offered to those familiar with the industry or others like myself who simply have a big idea and a will to go for it.

Tania Jarvinen,
Founder Luxury Silk Accessories

Anna Livermore and the team at V.Mora were able to get our SnowmanScarves manufactured before the winter season began. The production run turned out great. They were a pleasure to work with.“ Mike Callahan, Founder Snowman Scarves “My daughter, Ashton, had a brilliant idea- sun protective active wear that is polished and stylish. There was only one (big) problem… we knew nothing about the garment industry. Early on we were fortunate enough to be introduced to V.Mora. They held our hands and taught us about pattern making, found manufacturers and zippers… Anna and the V.Mora team took us from an idea to an actual product. Today we have a business and they are advising on marketing and selling strategy. V.Mora worked side by side with us teaching us why we were doing things in a specific order and why they were necessary. Without V.Mora we would still be stuck trying to develop our product.

Amity Gillespie,
Designer and Founder Sunkissed Girl

I needed help with my patterns and production. I didn’t know how to do the grading for different sizes and my designs were going nowhere. I initially met with Anna in Chicago at the Fabric Fest and was a little intimidated at the thought of hiring someone to help me. At the time I thought I could read some more books and figure it all out. Fast forward to a year later, I heard that V. Mora would be in Austin which is less than an hour from my house. I hadn’t progressed much at all and thought it couldn’t hurt to stop by and see what they had to offer. After sitting with Anna for ½ hour I was totally convinced that I would benefit from her help. I have not regretted it one bit. I am very pleased with the results thus far.

Kassie Carrell,
Designer and Founder Liberty 61

I started working with V.Mora because I needed some pattern work done, but before I knew it I was a regular of all their amazing services. My business has grown tremendously since working with Anna and her team and my confidence in my work and as a business owner has grown as well. Thanks, V. Mora!

Erika Neumayer,
Owner and Designer Rare Dirndl