Cracking The Fashion Biz



Feeling like its an “insider business” and you’re on the outside? Have fabulous ideas but “don’t know what you don’t know”?

If you’re ready to start but don’t know where, don’t lose momentum! “Crack the Fashion Biz” is your starting point and V.Mora is here to help you arrive to the finish line successfully. We’ve helped hundreds of designers with their apparel development and production needs and we can help you too!

We know that launching a line can be very overwhelming and costly so we’ve developed an incredibly informative starter pack for the designer who is ready to launch but is seeking an overview of what it takes first.​

We will provide you with everything you need to plan a successful year:

  • 2017 Calendar, timeline, checklist, and due dates
  • Budgeting template
  • Simple business plan
  • Steps to production checklist
  • Industry term guide
  • Techpack template and example
  • Costing template and example
  • Audio of our our founder and CEO, Anna Livermore, running you through these templates and checklists so that you fully understand them