Anna Livermore and V. Mora: Apartment to International in Just 6 Years

Anna Livermore, founder and CEO of V. Mora, started her company with one goal: to ensure the success of designers by giving them the kind of quality service and insider expertise that they won’t get from anyone else in the fashion industry.

Simply put, Anna cuts through the B.S. to help your business realize its maximum potential.

That’s because Anna’s not your average fashion professional. She prides herself on making her own roads and, when necessary, breaking the rules in an industry where too many are too often afraid to take chances. In V. Mora, Anna has built a bold firm with a nimble and forward-thinking consulting approach that’s based on her real-world experience and her total dedication to her designer-clients.

With Anna at the helm, V. Mora educates and empowers designers with programs tailor-made to each of their needs. Anna provides her clients with the aptitude and the staff needed to net measurable results and real success.

She knows how to help designers rise quickly, to impart important skills and strategies in five minutes that would have taken them a year to figure out on their own.

Anna’s got the credentials to prove she’s worth her salt in the fashion world. Her connections are wide-ranging and deep. But it’s her breadth of practical experience — and the insight and work ethic resulting from that experience — that makes her such a valuable resource for any designer, novice or expert.

Anna got started as a buyer at a small Chicago boutique, where she sought out the products of independent designers and those who manufactured their goods in the United States. Soon afterward, she took a job as a seamstress at a custom design shop and learned the in-depth, hands-on skill of making clothing from scratch. (And she learned well — the old Iraqi women who taught her to sew threatened to chop off her hands if she made mistakes.)

After a stint as a patternmaker, Anna decided it was time to launch her own clothing line. To subsidize that venture, she worked out of her apartment as a freelance samplemaker and patternmaker for local Chicago designers. Her clients would come to her apartment to pick up their products and end up talking with Anna for hours, picking her brain about buying.

She realized then that her real passion wasn’t to start her own line but instead to use her knowledge to help her clients’ dreams come true. Her company grew organically; Anna began offering more and more services to her clients, and the next thing she knew, she was hiring employees and giving them keys to her apartment. Before long, it was time to move the booming operation into a studio office space, and V. Mora was born.

Since V. Mora’s inception in 2008, the fast-growing company has helped to launch hundreds of designers’ careers. V. Mora now has offices in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco in addition to its Chicago flagship HQ. The company still proudly offers pattern- and samplemaking as one of its signature services.

These days, Anna spends much of her time on the road, meeting with designers from coast to coast and around the world. She has spoken at numerous renowned fashion trade shows, as well as the Fashion Institute of Technology and Columbia College Chicago. She’s also co-founder of Fabric Fest, a nationwide trade show for small designers, and she’s a member of the board at Fashion Business, Inc.